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Last Update 1/4/2017



2017 OCRA Officers and Committee Chairs

President - Delores Greene, CTR
President Elect - Dulce Bramblett, CTR
Vice President - Amy Finn, CTR
Treasurer - Sue Anderson, RN, CTR
Secretary - Glenda Mayfield, BS, CTR
Historian - Stacey Hibbets, CTR
Membership Chair - Danillie Clark, RMA, AAS, CTR
Education Chair - Danette Clark, BS, AAS, RMA, CTR
Public Relations - Leslie Dill
Bylaws Chair - Dulce Bramblett, CTR
Nominating Chair - Amy Finn, CTR
Ways and Means Chair - Carolyne Dale, CTR
Past President - Danette Clark, BS, AAS, RMA, CTR
Webmaster - Dulce Bramblett, CTR